About us

A brand new enterprise, Tobop Productions offers a wide range of entertainment products, encompassing educational, leisure and publicity clips.


We create digital movies, music clips, web sites, games (board and computer), poly-clay models/characters – that can be used in the publicity/advertising of any organisation.

Tobop Productions is currently a home based operation. We can offer our goods to a vast market with prompt delivery by Australia Post or Courier.

Tobop Productions is establishing to showcase and utilize the extraordinary and unique skills and talents, (the Intellectual Property,) of its Creative Consultants, Lois and Tobi Jessop.
We therefore has the ability to reach modern innovative clients who require Claymation and artistic flair in their publicity, and entertainment. We have a duty of standards and will continually upgrade equipment and methods of delivery.

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Our symbol is a basic representation of this symbol, found mostly seen in theatre:

Benjamin Banjo Frog DVD - Part 1 Part 1 is avaliable for purchase on eBay, here. More details here.


Tobop Tips DVD Soon, everyone can find out the Tobop way of making clay mations and models.


Other DVDs We can create personalized DVDs for people at low cost.


ModelsCheck out our 100% hand made models.



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