Set in feudal Japan, 1336.

The player takes on the role of a ninja, out for vengeance against a corrupt Nobel who ordered the killing of the clan of ninjas in the area.  Maybe the Empress of Gold can help, unless she's already captured.

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(Mini tutorial at the start of the game.)

A,D = move left & right
W,S = climb up & down / drop down
Space = jump
Ctrl & Mouse 1 = use sword
Alt & Mouse 2 = throw shuriken (infinite)
H = hide extras
C = temporary block
Esc = access menu

When you start playing, you will notice various transparent cubes and rectangles (extras).  Here's what they mean:

Small green cubes - Enemy soldier way-point.
Large green cubes - End of level indicator.
Orange - Edge of wall indicator.
Red/green - Wall climb indicator.
-These can be hidden, or made visible by pressing 'H'.

Along the way, there are health prayers to pick up, and keys to unlock level sections.

There is a level code system implemented.  Every cut-scene will reveal the code. 

If you would like to help this game continue, and would like to pre-purchase the full version please consider purchasing this early access version on itch or Steam.

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