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  'The quest for one, can turn into a quest for all.'

The Story

The planet of Larmast is abundant with all sorts of species, striving for survival.

There is chaos throughout the many vast lands. There are five main species which are managing to live though these harsh times, as every species wants their own land, power and rules.

The Elders of Traboh are trying to set up the council and are calling every soldier to the Town Hall. During this time, Traboh is about to be attacked by the Orak Clan. The first part of The Great War of Traboh © follows the journey of a Dat'jos soldier, Lenrin.

The Orak Clan has a great hate for the Elims, and all who associate with them. With brute force, the Oraks have been known to devastate towns within minutes and rarely deal with saviours.

This dislike has grown between the two because of one single event which occurred south of Traboh. A stone temple was constructed by a group of magicians on the side of a mountain. It was built to bring all species together in the common goal to research magic.

Something went horribly wrong, and because at least one member of each species was there and died, the outside towns and cities had no idea what was the cause of the incident.

And then a comet struck Larmast. A lot of creatures saw this as some sort of sign from something larger 'out there' which also disliked what had just occurred. But still nobody was quite sure so they all started to blame each other.

And thus, a few hundred years later the Elders want to establish yet another temple to find out what exactly happened.

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