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  'The quest for one, can turn into a quest for all.'

Production Notes

By Tobi Jessop 04/06/2010

It all began when I wanted to make a chess board. I started off by making the pieces, but thought the models were too good just to be made into a chess game.
Over a few months I developed an idea for a series of games and separate stories for each of the 30+ models.
Part one of the game follows a solder called ‘Lenrin’, and is designed with Flash 8. Players will notice that there is not much to attack. The game is mostly focused on exploration, and talking to the other characters within the world of Larmast.

I would like to collaborate with other developers to add more creatures and enemies to eliminate, shops & mini games The main purpose of part one is to establish the concept & idea for people.

Feel free to discuss this game at PaidGamers.

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