Here is a collection of movies and other information found from various sites. Tobop Films are avaliable here, and here.




Adult Swim , Banned from TV, Frank Zappa, MG Productions

CG Animation

D Sculptor , Film & Video Visual Effects , Innit digital , Mad Academy , Production Directory

Titanic Dog

The Shaft Cartoon

Just a little something I made for the Dead Workers Party Podcast, The Shaft.

Dead workers party forum - has more info & links

Core files

Flash files

HD avi & mp4

Benjamin Banjo Frog DVD - Part 1 Part 1 is available for purchase on eBay, here. More details here.


Tobop Tips DVD Soon, everyone can find out the Tobop way of making clay mations and models.


Other DVDs We can create personalized DVDs for people at low cost.


ModelsCheck out our 100% hand made models.



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