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These are the main services.


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Please contact us about all enquiries. Prices range, depending on client request.

Some examples below, starting with the Rock Legends painted by Lois Jessop.

real painting on a rock of a legend of rock and rollReal painting of David Bowie on a real rock!Elvis the rock legend is also on a rock!Beatles rock legend Paul rocking on! Painted on a stone.John Lennon rock on!Ringo on a stone!George Harrison painting on a rock!

Our basic website examples are:

Shirley header exampleJill header examplePauline header example

Previous sculpted model examples:

Beatles in Fimo modelsBuddy Holly Fimo model hand madeClown candle holder Fimo modelLobaBlob characters solid fimo hand made

Video editing:

Jay Standerwick car audio videosTopGear Australia audition video for John Magar

Cartoon characters for live streamer MidnightQueen and detective Captain Australia:

MidnightQueen streamer 2D cartoonCartoon for Captain Australia


This site is going to be updated over time. There may be some free things still available through the old site links! The pages have been changed a bit though, so there might be some odd areas.

Contact us!


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