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This DVD contains the first works by Tobop Productions from 2001 to 2004.


To Whom It May Concern:

          I was lucky enough to see the animated works of Tobi Jessop and was impressed by many elements. 
          Firstly I noticed the use of the camera inside the animation which is normally something that animators do not concentrate on as the animation is their focus.  But the way that Tobi uses the camera as more than a tool to record the information is innovative and exciting.  The camera delves into the set and characters and I really enjoyed the way that it moved around and became an integral part of the process, as it should really be in the making of film.  This was actually my favourite element in Tobi’s films as it made them different from other animations I have seen.  His use of the camera is fantastic and invites the viewer in that little bit closer so that they can become part of the experience and involved in not only the story but the process of animation.  Getting closer to the characters allows the viewer to see more and get an idea of how they are made, Tobi is also not afraid to show close ups of the characters as if he wasn’t afraid of giving away his secrets.  To be able to see the character and then get a close up really gives the viewer the chance to see how involved this process can be.  Tobi’s use of composition is inspiring and innovative.  I thought some of the frames that he captured were exciting and not your usual animation style, which is necessary to push the genre forward.  Composition is the most basic and important building block in the making of any film and to effectively use the camera in how it sees is not always easy.  Tobi has definitely got a grasp and how this works and it gives his animations life! 
          The stories and characters of Tobi’s films are great!  Very original and with a respecting nod to his influences, rather than ‘ripping off’ ideas like so many people have done in the past.  Working with obviously not the best equipment in the world Tobi has surpassed the technical to present his ideas clearly and concisely.  In some scenes he actually uses the technical quality as an effective working element.  Because of his style and originality then the technical quality is something that does not become an issue.
          The use of sound and recorded voices was also excellent.  Considering the equipment he is using then he has done a great job.  I particularly enjoyed the music and sound that were part of the films.  The sound and vision were edited together intelligently and made together rather than laying down a sound track in the post edit.  This is the mark of a good film maker, the sound should be seen as a highly important element inside the finished process and Tobi has obviously had the sound/music in mind during the filming process.  His editing skills are also impressive, from the involvement of sound to the cuts in between frames and scenes.
          One thing that he has that is the most important thing any film maker can and should have is the passion, enthusiasm and excitement for the process of making film.  When talking to Tobi you know that he loves this thing called animation and upon seeing his work it becomes even more so!  The films I have seen are the start of his career, the first steps in bigger things.  He still has a lot to learn and discover but the more he makes and creates the better he will get!

Yours Sincerely

Duncan R.

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